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    This residence is situated next to and has the outstanding view of the Macau Jockey’ Club and nearby International Hotel Resorts. The owners, a 50 year-old married couple have required a classy clubhouse style home to accommodate their friends and family. Thus, luxury of leisure space, superiority of materials and quality of finish are important elements of this project. The floorplan was restructured to create a leisure space area connected with the living/dining area along the balcony and full-length window taking full advantage of the natural light and amazing day and night view. The focal design element of this leisure space is the placement of golden bird cage lightings above the custom-made pool table. This idea was inspired by the owner’s hobby of having a pet parrot, which required a bird cage to house him, so such element is extended as part of the decorative idea. The overall color palate exudes luxury with the extensive use of palissandro blue marble, golden steel, soft shade of grey stone material boards and creamy color tiles. Also the master bedroom with fully equipped with a walk-in closet, make-up table, dressing area and bathroom to endorse a comfortable leisure lifestyle. Also the entire house is equipped with a smart house system and electronic curtain system at the owner's convenience.

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